Wishing for A Great Relationship?

Wishing for Love!
Wishing for Love!

We have all been there.

Wishing to fall in love, wishing to find the right person, or wishing the person we were with was different somehow.

Wishing they were more loving, more generous, more responsive. You know – more better!

According to the dictionary wishing means: to feel, to hope for, or to express a strong desire for something that is not easily attainable; wanting something that cannot or probably will not happen.

Well that explains a lot!

When we wish for something, the first thing we are affirming is that we don’t have it. In order to have a great relationship the first thing to do is stop wishing for it and start creating it.

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Having a Great Relationship Takes Something!

Creating a great relationship is not innate; it takes trust, knowledge, awareness and skill to communicate and contribute. After all, we are animals and like most animals survival is our underlying drive. If we are just surviving our relationship, there’s not much room to create it being great.

We are Not Trained in School to Have Great Relationships…

Do you remember all of the wild social games that were played in high school? Who was cool? Who was the most popular? Who was in your group and who totally wasn’t. Ah yes, remember how fun that was?

Pretty sure that training didn’t give you solid tools for creating and sustaining a great relationship.

By the time you were out of high school you had probably experienced a failed relationship or two and certainly by the time you were through college you had.

So where did you go from there?

Maybe you were lucky and your parents modeled what it takes to be in a great relationship and you used that model as a guide.

Unfortunately, more than likely when you were growing up you didn’t see relationships around you that you were inspired by and now want to emulate.

Where Did You Get Your Relationship Training?

If you’re like most of us, you got your education from those around you. And depending on how successful those people were in navigating the land of relationships, it might not have been the most useful training…

Given how important relationships are to your well-being why leave them to chance or wishful thinking? It takes awareness and knowing what to do to master the skills necessary to make your relationship flourish.

The Good News is There is Education!

There is education that can help support you in creating a great relationship.

I interviewed 16 leading experts in the relationship field and they gave me their top 3 recommendations for creating a great relationship. I have made these interviews available to you in the ebook: Insiders’ Secrets for a Great Relationship!

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In Insiders’ Secrets to a Great Relationship! 16 leading experts provide you with proven ways for transforming your relationships.

The Fall Back In Love Formula…

…Love is a Verb, The Mental Game of Communication, Creating a Nurturing Relationship, Ways to Build Intimacy with Your Partner, and Relationship Wisdom are just a few of the chapters in Insiders’ Secrets to a Great Relationship!

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