What is the Opposite of Love?

Love is a very powerful force in the universe…

Giving Creates Love!
Giving Creates Love!

Individuals, families, neighbors, and nations can heal, find peace, and expand when there is love. Likewise human babies will die if they don’t experience love within a very short time of birth.

When asked, most people will tell you that the opposite of love is hate. What if the opposite of love is actually disinterest?

If the creator had been disinterested before creating anything, nothing would of been created. Everything the creator created was of interest to the creator. Love was expressed in the interest of creation.

When you see that disinterest is actually the opposite of love, you can begin to define love as total, complete, all-consuming interest.

It is no wonder then that your relationship needs your attention, your interest, in order for there to be love and for it to flourish.

Here is a quick tip for increasing the love in your relationship…

Put attention on your partner. Be interested in them. What is new in their life?  What are their hopes, dreams, fears?  When was the last time you checked in and discovered something new abut your partner?  

Here is another simple step you can take to amplify the love in your relationship…

When you give people things you love them more. It is a mistake to think this is about them liking or loving you more (though they may). When you gift someone you generate and create love for them. You love them more.

Likewise, when you do nice things for people, you’ll like them more…

If you want someone to like you more, have them do things for you, give things to you.

Women, this is especially true for you in relationship to your man. Enjoy what your man provides for you and receive from them. This isn’t necessarily about you. They will like you more.

Again, I am not talking about these things needing to be material things and if they are, they need not be large or expensive things.

Perhaps the most important gifts to give are honor and respect.

When you give honor and respect you most certainly will love your partner more!

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