What If You Only Had 24 Hours to Live?

"I love you!"
“I love you!”

What would you do if you only had 24 hours to live?

When I asked my clients this question the answer was pretty universal. They would connect with their friends and family and tell them, “I love you.”

They would open their heart and let the people in their life know how grateful they were for the love shared. They would say, “I love you.”

“I Love You!”

When was the last time you said, “I love you”?

Do you hold back? If you do, why do you hold back?

Do you think that the people in your life would be put off by you saying, “I love you”?

Do you think it might be embarrassing or they would consider you sappy, needy, or weird?

Maybe you are concerned about rejection.

At our core we all want to be loved and appreciated. One of the most precious gift you can give the people in your life is to love and appreciate them.

When you say, “I love you” from your heart you are giving an amazing gift of love and appreciation. 

Heart Connection is Very Different than Head Connection…

Saying, “I love you” from your heart allows the other person to connect to your heart. Heart connection is about feeling; head connection is about thinking. Thinking about love and feeling love are two different things.

How may times have you settled for a head connection when you were actually hungry for a heart connection?  When you drop down into your heart and say, “I love you,” love is felt. Love ceases to be an abstract concept from your thinking; it becomes a heart connection where it is felt.

Can you distinguish the difference between head and heart connection with the people in your life?

If you want more heart connection, give yourself permission to say, “I love you,” and feel it.

Cool thing is you don’t have to wait till you only have 24 hours to live to take this on. (Actually you really don’t know how much time you have. Give yourself permission to say, “I love you” whenever the opportunity presents itself, and have the opportunity present itself often.)

Love Permeates Our Entire Existence…

What if your ultimate objective was to tap into love – too create, to experience, and to express it?

I assert that the purpose of all of our relationships is for us to dissolve the barriers that keep us from experiencing and expressing love.

So, if you are concerned about saying, “I love you,” what do you do?

How do you overcome the fear of opening your heart and saying, “I love you.”


Jump in and start saying it.

See how it feels.

See what happens.

See what impact it makes with the other person.

Other Things You Can Do…

Make a list of 10 benefits to you for connecting to your heart and saying, “I love you.”

Make a list of 10 benefits to the other person when you say, “I love you.” What happens when you let them know that you love them?

Make a list of 10 drawbacks to you for not saying, “I love you!” when you want to and you don’t.

Make a list of 10 drawbacks to the other person when you hold back and don’t say, “I love you.”

Ok, now that you have used your head to do this research drop down into your heart and just do it. Just say, “I love you!”

True love emerges when you connect to your heart and say, “I love you!”

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