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I Love You!

Do you like Valentine’s Day?

I recently got into a discussion (yes, it got animated) about the virtue or lack thereof of Valentine’s Day with a friend of mine. It seems like this is one of those “holidays” that you either love or hate.

I know Valentine’s Day is supposed to have you immersed in the dream and experience of wild and wonderful romance. Your relationship is supposed to be swept into exhilaration and ecstasy.

With all of the pressure on what Valentine’s Day is supposed to do for you and your relationship it is no surprise that it can fall short of these expectations.

Along with the expectation pressure for Valentine’s Day, it can stir up memories of excruciating pain and bring up all sorts of monsters from the past.

You know the time that you didn’t get a Valentine from that boy in third grade and how crushed you were? What about the Valentine’s Day you caught your boyfriend kissing another girl and you never wanted to show your face again in school?  Continue reading Do you like Valentine’s Day?