Juicy Relationship Tips

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What I’d like to know:

Which Chakra caught your attention and why?

As a quick reminder:

  • First Chakra: Strong foundation (eliminate the “not enough” cycle)
  • Second Chakra: Sensuality, Sexuality and Creativity
  • Third Chakra: End power struggles (no resistance, no persistence technique)
  • Fourth Chakra: Heart connection, vulnerability and love
  • Fifth Chakra: Communication center.  Speaking up, getting heard and listening.
  • Sixth Chakra: Third eye, intuition. Vision for the future of your relationship.
  • Seventh Chakra: Connection to your life purpose and the eternal.

Love, Cheryl

20 thoughts on “Juicy Relationship Tips

    1. Hi Suzie, thank you for your comment. Yes, our power center (3rd chakra) our communication center (5th chakra) and our crown connection to the divine (7th chakra) can and do influence our behaviors in our relationship. Thanks for watching.

  1. I think what you said about the heart chakra and depression and heart disease being the #1 problem here has me want to know how does this formula work to change that?

  2. I’ll bite. How do I get this program? Are you going to tell me how I can use this formula in my personal relationship?

  3. Cheryl
    All of the chakras are interconnected. I find the power and control one the most difficult to recognize and let go of when I am caught up in tension, conflict, feeling threatened and defensive discord of a relationship.
    The first and the seventh are the most familiar to me in the life I live. They are the strengths I bring to the relationship though as they sustain, encourage, give hope, discern the Divine Presence in who I am and how I live. They weave through the others.

  4. Being a yoga teacher and practitioner I was drawn to the conversation about the chakra’s. I have studied the chakra’s, but not in the context of how they influence our relationships. This was so interesting and makes so much sense. I can’t wait to hear about more on this topic.

  5. Excellent presentation!
    It only takes one person to be totally responsible in a relationship to have it become even better.
    As for the Chakras, while Cheryl presents an interesting system to pinpoint your relationship problems, you are one being and all connected. Hence, all of the Chakras play a role in who you are. Perhaps the most important one is the 7th Chakra as it has to do with YOU; if you are not happy and clear about who you are and what you want, your relationship won’t thrive. Only if you love yourself and your purpose will you have enough surplus to love and care for those around you.

  6. I think all the chakras are interconnected. For me, the 4, 5 and 7 chakras are the ones that stand out. The communication, the spirituality, the vulnerability and love is what makes a relationship endure more than anything else, but again, all the chakras need to be related to make a relationship work. I love your thoughts about having or not having enough, it’s so important to truly appreciate and celebrate every bit of happiness life offers us.

  7. The entire concept of chakras is new to me, and makes compelling sense. I can see how looking at one’s self and one’s relationships through the 7 chakra perspectives creates a focus and clarity for decision-making and growth. The overview was excellent ; Thank you. The three that especially resonate with me are the 2nd, 5th, and 7th. How can I learn more about chakras?

  8. Interesting and enlightening presentation, Cheryl. Working through issues with the Chakras is bound to make each person in the relationship more aware and open to their partner. Would love to hear more!

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