Ch – Ch – Ch – Change

Me Change?
Me Change?

The other day I was thinking about some changes I wanted to make. You know, things like taking sugar out of my diet and losing 10 lbs.

I was wondering if I could do it.

“How painful is it going to be to make those changes?”

 This had me contemplating,“Why do I both want things to change and resist them changing at the same time?”

“Why do I resist making a change even when I know that it would be good for me, or that I would ultimately really like the results of making that change?”


Change is Inevitable

Things always change…

The weather changes, the seasons change, your moods change, your body changes as you grow older. You change your clothes, hair, what you eat, where you live, homes, jobs, and what you do everyday to name a few of the changes you are custom to making over the years.

Life is all about change.

You are not the same person from year to year. You are not the same person you were as a child or as a teenager. (Though this may be hard to distinguish in some people.)

Nothing in Life is Constant

Life is movement.

Even when you aren’t experiencing the changes in your life – life is ever-changing. Kids may not feel that they are growing. They notice the growth when their shoes no longer fit or their pants become too short.

When you don’t see the changes occurring, it is easy to deny that they are occurring. Mainly you notice the changes after they occur.

Sometimes you decide to insert yourself into the flow of change and direct this flow to create your future.

Occasionally Life will Provide Radical Change

These changes may be beyond your capacity to direct. You may find yourself responding to an emergency, a car wreck, an accident, a tornado, or an earthquake just to name a few of the changes that could happen beyond your immediate ability to direct.

What you do have available in those circumstances is directing your response.

It is not only how you direct change but also how you respond to change that will either have you expand and grow or have you shrink and become fearful of change.

Change can = Disintegration of What You Know

You can embrace this and be thrilled for the newness and adventure of the change taking place or you can be upset because you fear the loss of what you know, of what is familiar and comfortable.

You are either directing the changes that are occurring, resisting them, or responding to the changes that have occurred in an empowering or disempowering way.

Things are always changing.

So again, you can either be expending your energy moving forward fully engaged in the changes occurring, expending your energy in resisting, or suffering over the changes that are occurring.

That is were you have choice.

Another thing to note…

Change is not the Same as Progress and Growth

Just because something is changing does not mean that it is progressing or growing. Progress and growth has intention behind the change. When you set up goals and drive them with your intention you can direct the changes in your life.

Given that change is inevitable what about directing it?

What about growing?

What about progressing?

When you aren’t intending and directing change in your life you will be left watching, voting on, or complaining about the changes that are taking place.

You will not be Fully Engaged in Your Life

You will not experience power or satisfaction. You could be left feeling like a victim. You could feel like you are always in response instead of in a place of creating.  Are you frozen with fear about the changes you are experiencing?

Are you complaining about life?

Are you a poster child for apathy?

It takes energy to limit or try and stop change. It takes energy to limit, to hold back, or to try and contain change. Why don’t you free up that energy and use that energy to direct the changes that you want to have occur?

OK, I am going to take my own advice here.

I am now headed to the kitchen where I am going to have a cup of tea instead of some chocolate.

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