About Cheryl

Cheryl Blossom’s focus is on providing people with tools to create both a profound relationship with their inner wisdom and to have great relationships with other people. She has created blueprints for people to accomplish both of these in her Relationship Wisdom Courses: Inner Relationship Wisdom & Outer Relationship Wisdom.

Cheryl has a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Psychology and Therapy, along with having studied hundreds of different healing modalities. She is a Reiki Master, EFT practitioner, 2nd degree black belt in Jujutsu as well as being a therapist, healer, and motivational coach for over 35 years.

She is known as a Transformational Catalyst. How did Cheryl become a Transformational Catalyst?
Here is the beginning of her journey…

…since then Cheryl has worked at Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco and created her own therapeutic institute, The Blossom Institute. There she put together a 2 year apprenticeship program where she trained other therapists in her unique healing modalities.

>She has also taught relationship workshops and seminars across the United States and England.

She is the regular relationship expert on the TV show The Plush Life and radio show Skirted Issues where she is becoming an increasingly well-known and favorite TV and radio personality.

People come to Cheryl with all kinds of relationship challenges and leave clearer, unentangled, with a whole new energy and perspective, achieving new freedom and profound shifts all in a short space of time.

Some other interesting tidbits of Cheryl’s history:

She worked with Patsy Ramsey when her daughter was killed, and had the opportunity to stay in a castle while working with some members of the Royal Family.

She helped organize and run in a transcontinental relay from California to New York. (Raising money, awareness, and support for the UN’s policies for ending world hunger.)

She was co-director of World Runner’s Moscow Marathon Project where she organized and took over 300 runners from 22 countries to the Soviet Union to run in the Moscow Peace Marathon. (This project raised over 2 million dollars for different hunger organizations around the world.)

She was president of the board of directors for Global Partners, raising money and working in Kenya and Tanzania on many different developmental projects.

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